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ZL25 ZL32
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Brushless DC pump series
ZL25 ZL32
ZL38 ZL50
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Brushless DC Mini Pump, Brushless Solar Pump, Brushless Vehicle Pump, Brushless Medical Pump, Brushless Household Using Pump, Brushless Pressure Water Supply Pump, Brushless Mini Submerged Pump, Brushless Hot Water Circulation Pump
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Dongguan Zhonglong Pump Technology Co., Ltd.
Address: 3rd floor, Tangbei Ind. Park, Beihuang Road, Heitianxia, Shijie, Dongguan,G.D., P.R. China
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ZL38 ZL50
 About us
Dongguan Zhonglong Motor&Electric Appliance Manufacoty Co., Ltd. was founded in 2001. It’s a leading high-tech joint enterprise,manufacturing mini DC brushless pump that specializes in R&D, sales and manufacture. Z·L·PUMP is our brand, which is a well respected High-end Brand, using cutting edge technology and is the largest ODM manufactory in China. Our factory is located in ShiJie Town, DongGuan, China. Most of their senior engineers have majored in brushless DC pumps technology industry for many years. In addition, We have established cooperation with Beijing Tsinghua University and Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics as our technical backbone. Our brushless DC pumps have many advantages over the competition, such as long life span, high efficiency, low power consumption, no spark, little vibration, low noise, reliable speed and operation, etc. It’s a new environmentally friendly product that is growing fast in 21 Century, our products are widely used in water fountain, coffee machines, electric tea pot, air cleaner, electric vehicles, solar water circulation system, solar water heater, aquarium, water circulating and coolant of air- condition and computer, water cooling of electrical appliances, handicrafts, solar energy, medical equipments, washes of appliance, automotive supplies, air conditionings, refrigerators, medical equipments, home appliances, industrial automation, office equipments, environmental protection equipments and power equipments, etc. We have 4 series, more than 6800 kinds of products. We have obtained more than 20 patents and practical inventions, and has many approval certificate such as CE, FC, SGS, ISO, FDA, NSF, etc. The most technologically advanced Quality management system in the world was adopted as TS16949 from the auto industry. Zhonglong is very proud of their excellence and the high quality of their products, which are popular all over the world, Zhonglong has established long-term cooperation relationship with many famous global enterprises such as Philips, Automet, BYD, Midea, Lifan, BAIC Group, YinTong Group etc. We have already planed to promote our pump brand to the world. As a factory with strong technical support and advanced management, we are stepping into the global market with excellent products and world class service, Zhonglong has achieved a good reputation in Mini brushless DC pumps industry. We will establish the mutually beneficial arrangement for positive growth with a strategic partnership with our Clients. Zhonglong will become one top global brand of the mini brushless DC pumps in the near future!
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